"I had the pleasure of having the Lonny Lynn Orchestra on board our vessel. They were a delight for all the guests on board. What a 'great sound,' the dance floor was always full at every session. They certainly knew how to work a room. Also looking the part with their outfits and music stands. I would welcome them back any time."

Gordon Whatman, Cruise Director ~ Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

". . . the CD ("It Had To Be You") is simply great. Often times one can pick one tune as the favorite in an album, but not in this case. Every tune suits me to the hilt. Arrangements are fine, performance is great and each vocal is well done. My compliments to you, your wife, and all the guys/gals in the band. The CD is something to be proud of!"

"Your music will always be a welcome addition to my program which continues to feature all the dance bands, old and new . . ."

Don Howard ~ WMAY Radio, Springfield, IL

". . . I am enjoying your new CD ("It Had To Be You") and am playing it on WDCB Glen Ellyn, IL - Chicago. I get a thrill just looking at the CD case and knowing how a song is supposed to sound like, and then hearing your tasteful rendition. It's great music that my audience is enjoying."

"Every selection is tastefully done. These are refreshing new versions of old songs. I was excited with each tune, waiting to see how your band would handle usually brassy songs. They are all winners."

John Russell ~ WDCB Radio, Glen Ellyn, IL-Chicago

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